Special Needs: Providing Support And Respect To Families

Throughout the world, there are millions of children with special needs. Some children were born with a developmental disorder or deficiency, and some disabilities happened during childhood as a result of an unfortunate accident or illness. Special needs could be a mental, physical, or emotional disorders that render a child unable to do normal activities. They have difficulty trying to cope with daily life. They often do not possess basic self help skills; therefore they are in constant need of care. These children come from all economic, ethnic, and social backgrounds, and their disabilities are not limited to persons of any particular race, creed or color. This means that the society as a whole needs to become more actively involved in the care of such children.

Some parents have genuine concerns when it comes to the care of their child with special needs. They feel alone in their struggle, and they often wonder if they are providing adequate care that the child needs. Some parents may feel distraught because of the challenges that they, and their child have to face. There are many requirements that special children could have. They may need consistent medical care, a specialized learning environment, physical therapy, mental therapy and a great deal of supervision. Parents should never have to feel that they are alone and that no one else has been through this situation. Finding a support group can be beneficial as other parents with similar family issues would love to share their experiences and this will be helpful. You will also enjoy the fellowship, the friendship and bonding, and the encouragement of people who know what you are going through.

Special needs entails many conditions, each having very intricate components. Many children suffer from chronic illnesses such as leukemia, heart defects, muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy and much more. With some of the disabling illnesses, the child may not be ambulatory, and may require the use of a wheelchair, braces or crutches. The child could also have problems with physical or mental disorders, or a learning disability. And then there are mental health problems and mental issues. Children with special needs are vulnerable to viruses and bacteria that are easily contracted through contact with others. There are a myriad of programs to help special children and their families. Some schools accept the enrollment of children with moderate to severely disability.

Tips for parents who take care of children with special needs

Taking care of a special needs child can be somewhat stressful, and many times lonely. Take advantage of the groups of people who face similar challenges as you. Build a friendship, and have buddy talks, you too deserve a break. Make arrangement with family members or close friends who can give you some time off. Watch a movie, go to dinner or just live it up with people you can have fun with. Make time for yourself as you need to be cared for too. Another good tip is to let go of mistakes. Everyone makes them from time to time. No one is perfect, just move on. Remember, you are a superhero. You do more in one day than the average person. You hold your child during meltdowns and tantrums. You make sure medication is taken on time. You give injections sometimes during screams of fearfulness. You strengthen muscles from lifting and carrying a non ambulatory child. You are a doctor, a nurse and a therapist. You are your child’s confidant and best friend.

You realize that therapy is play for the special needs child. Through therapy, the child becomes engaged in activities that are a challenge to them. During play time, you can use the same therapy techniques with your child. Take the time to enjoy your family. Do some things that children enjoy. Allow the special needs child to laugh and be happy with siblings, if there are any. It is important to step outside of your regular routine to read or just have a conversation with the family. Having a child with special needs is a very difficult job. You will not always get it right, just don’t lose yourself.

How society should cope with special needs children

Special needs children need what all children need, to be shown love. Society should not shun these children, they are a part of the lives of many people. Treat them with the same respect as you would a normal child. Give them attention, talk to them. Many children with special needs can understand you; you need to try and understand them. They have wants and needs, and many are capable of expressing love.

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