Beautifying Our Kids: How Far is Too Far?

Everyone thinks of the fashion industry as highly glamorous and sophisticated. The talented models are gorgeous and lead incredible lifestyles. Yet behind the scenes there is a definite downside to it, especially when it comes to our children. Is it going too far to want our kids to grow up like these fashion models? Are we setting a poor example for them and expecting them to be beautiful all of their lives? How far is too far when it comes to our kids? In this article we shall examine the effects of the different facets of the fashion industry on our children. We encourage our readers to make their own informed decisions on this matter.

The first facet of this subject we will look at is cosmetics, aka make-up, and children. We wonder how many parents realize just how harmful this is to kids. In today’s modern society, girls are wearing cosmetics at a much younger age. Sometimes children as small as six years old are already wearing cosmetics and trying hard to emulate the fashion models and entertainers that they look up to. This trend is frequently followed up by the same children wearing clothing similar to what is worn by adults and which may be inappropriate for their tender ages. Children involved in such activities may attract unwanted attention and their safety could be at risk.

It is not only the cosmetics and clothing themselves that we ought to be concerned about. It is the concept that we are, perhaps inadvertently, causing our children to grow up very shallow. By this we mean that they are learning to value looks and material possessions over inner beauty, personality, and life skills. Is this really what we want for our children? Moreover, are we making our children vulnerable by wanting them to look like fashion models or superstars?

There is a school of thought that many celebrities use their kids to make a statement and as a reflection of their own status. Is this true? See for yourself. There is a pertinent article on just this thing on from back in February of 2015:

It features a little Prince George of Great Britain as well as a few other famous children. Make it a point to view the photos in this article. Why aren’t these children allowed to be children? Why are they dressed up like shrunken adults? Are we any better? These trends sure are not limited to Hollywood or England. Are we encouraging our kids to be like their famous counterparts? Maybe we need to examine ourselves too.

To see living examples of what we are talking about, let’s take a peek at some Hollywood children. That is, children of today’s celebrities. First there is TV star Jessica Alba’s daughter, Honor Warren. In pictures, notice how she emulates her mom’s dressing style, including with an adult-looking hair-do.

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Boys get in on the act too. Check out the young son of Gwen Stefani with his spiffy threads and chic hair-style. Who else thinks he looks far too mature for his young age?

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Moving right along, when you get the chance, look up some photos of the twin daughters of superstar, Sarah Jessica Parker. While choosing to look different from each other, there is no doubt these little girls want to take after their mom. Each one sports an adult-looking outfit and hair ornament. Not only that, but you can clearly see, at least one of them is wearing make-up.

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Why aren’t these children allowed to look like children? Is this how we want our youngsters too look, or do we want something better for them?

Bear in mind that these sort of trends are not just bad socially or for personal security. There are also health consequences to think about. For instance, take children who wear high-heeled shoes as part of their regular wardrobe. Not only is it easier for a child to take a fall and possibly get hurt, but it is bad in other ways. High-heeled shoes can cause long-term foot and back injuries. Children should be able to wear sneakers or other shoes in which they can run distances and indulge in horseplay. That is what kids do – they run and play and make noise! Not being able to do this can cause anti-social behavior far into their adult lives.

Do you want to hear something worse? Our children are now wearing hair color!!! That’s right, not only streaking, but full-blown hair dye – on children!!! Not only is this unnecessary, the practice of using hair color on children can prove very unhealthy too. The inherent chemicals in hair color can lead to serious scalp and skin troubles. Is it worth the risk, simply to have your child look like a miniature adult?

We think it is high time to ask ourselves if this is what we want for our children. Do we want to de-sensitize them and make them into small adults? Do some studying and make your own decisions. It is very important!!!

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